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Default Nature over the lab...

The "Acesulfame Potassium" bit is interesting! Although, since it is so prevalent in diet foods, isolating might be risky -- if you're doing sugar-free syrup, you're likely doing sugar-free a lot'a things so you might be getting it from a lot of sources...

I'm certainly not a health professional -- nor do I consider myself an expert on the subject. I just have this desire to look at my food and be able to, as much as possible, visualize the natural source from where it came -- which feels like something more than anecdotal to me. White table sugar is about the antithesis of what I look for because virtually everything that resembles its natural source has been stripped -- down to 99.9% sucrose. Outside of that reason, I won't go the "Log Cabin" route simply because, in pursuit of maple syrup flavor, I don't think it tastes good.

As far as being "good for your health," I imagine pure maple syrup (65% sucrose) isn't much better than the alternatives but it's not entirely an "empty calorie" (as they say) and there is good stuff (vitamins, minerals) in it. Granted, not much "stuff" but, to illustrate, I've attached 3 syrup profiles from fitday:
  • sugar-free --vs-- corn syrup --vs-- maple syrup
Note that I had to kick the quantity up to 1 cup for each in order to see the actual stuff.

Sometimes, a little strategic exaggeration is good. This feels like one of those times so I also attached my typical fruit juice specs compared to regular cola -- 10oz each. The idea in my head is "sugar vs sugar" and, just as with maple syrup, I'll take the natural sugar with the extra "stuff" any day -- all in moderation, of course...
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