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1) Plan meals -yes, I didn't post it I had it in my notebook because my cable was down
2) stick as close to plan as possible - no
3) 6 glasses water- ?
4) Do not spend too much time online or on phone or doing chores. Write!!!!- I wrote 11 hours, a 750 word fiction piece (I rarely write fiction) It was so much fun!!! It helped that the internet was down

Velmasue, whyme,carolynn, welcome.
Hi Mary, Mern
Robin, 5 months is a lot but sometimes it can be sooner.
Planning works (err ignore #2 on top)

sf cereal and almond milk or egg white and sausage
rice free sushi
ham and cheese roll ups
DH's orange chicken
salad or veg
dried kale
fruit (pineapple, berries)
smoked salmon
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