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Default Gym routine

Hi all,
So I have finally bitten the bullet and joined a gym for the first time but I am unsure that my routine is going to provide the results I am looking for.
I am looking to build up my general fitness and build upper body muscle, particularly biceps.
At the moment I am going 2 days per week and am spending each session doing 20m on the upright bike, 20m on the cross trainer and 10 m on the rowing machine with a little work on the resistance machines too.
Should I be mixing it up like this or should I concentrate on piece at a time?
Also, for each piece of equipment I am just working them at a constant pace, should I be working harder for a set time and then relaxing for a set time?
Finally, I also have a set of dumb bells at home but no bench, is there a set routine I could use in between gym sessions?
Any help for a newbie would be greatly appreciated.
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