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Mike thanks for the updated info on your friend! And yes our thoughts are with him and you. What a hero he is.

My hubby was discharged early this am. Despite only finishing surgery yesterday afternoon he was bootin all around on his crutches this am so the doctors were impressed enough to let him go home. I picked him up and he is now at home with my 17 year old while I work. He was told his recovery is going to take 5 months.

Darlene you are doing great! And we were oh so close for the walk. Yes lets do a challenge this week. My dog is loving it. It was -12 yesterday am but beautiful today.

Jenn, on your breakfast, my advice was the same to Jezzie last week about the popcorn at the theatre. When you go to a high risk situation eat first. Something nutritious and filling. Then you can "sample" stuff without going over on your cals. I did this back in Jan when I went to chinese buffet for my birthday and it worked out well.

Good Monday to everyone else. My goals are the same as every week although I am gradually reintroducing some physical activity (thank goodness)

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If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten. –Tony Robbins
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