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Thank you for the continued prayers! I know my last update was kinda vague. I didn't want to put too much out because his wife hadn't publically updated, but she has since, so I figure it's okay.

He was shot 3 times, at point blank range with a .380, one of which his bullet proof vest blocked. Two bullets entered in from the side of his left chest, and traveled across to the other side. As of now, he's paralyzed from mid chest down. It was originally thought that his spinal cord was severed, then it was said that it was nicked. I hope and pray that when the swelling goes down, he gets feeling back in his legs, etc.

They haven’t done any surgery yet because they are waiting for the swelling to go down and for him to stabilize, so he still has the bullets in him.

He has 8 staples in his head, I believe when he was hit, he fell back and hit his head. There was some swelling on his brain. He also had a black eye.

He was the first on the scene and entered in alone. I can only assume that he didn’t wait for backup because he felt the people inside were in danger and in a selfless act, went in. When he entered the building, he couldn’t see any one because the gunman had forced everyone back to the office. Apparently there was one way glass in the office and the gunman could see as Johnny approached. When Johnny announced “NOPD”, the gunman busted through the door, open fire and fled the scene.

He’s still in ICU. I’m about to head up to the hospital again to go visit him.

Please continue to pray for his full recovery!
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