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Welcome, Gilli. If you're on a low-carb diet, losing weight should follow. Once you start tracking your food and exercise, you'll see if you're eating more or less calories than you're burning each day.

I was following the South Beach Diet (low carb) when my 85-year-old mother (diabetic for 25 years, and had recently had a stroke) came to live with us. When she lived my herself and at the nursing home, her sugar levels had been all over the place and up into the 300s. Eating the low carb diet almost immediately got her sugar levels under control. The visiting nurse who came wanted to send me to live with her other diabetic patients! When I took her for her check-up with her doctor, the blood test that shows sugar levels for the past several months was in the normal range for the first time ever. She remained on insulin, but at a greatly reduced rate. Just telling you this to show that diet really can make a difference.
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