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Question How To Work It All Out?

Hi guys! I am new to this lovely site, and I came here in search of motivation and advice. One of the things I'm somewhat confused about, is how to exercise on a tight budget. Now yes, I know that I could lace up the strings of my nike sneakers and take off sprinting like I'm an offical participant in the Olympics...
Okaaaay....nevermind. I'm not even close to being able to run or even jog. Not to mention that I live near too many strange men and dogs. ANYWAY! Now that you know that walking or jogging is out of the question for me, can someone please tell me (if possible) what exercises I can do at home to lose 100-120 pounds. I don't plan on being poor forever, but at this time, I can't afford a gym membership, or an exercise machine. I do own a step for the purpose of aerobic step exercises, but I was wondering if this is enough. Is it possible that I can slim down by following exercise DVDs? I have so much doubt in my mind, that I always end up giving up on my weightloss journey within 1-3 months. I would really LOVE to hear your personal opinions and success stories!

P.S. I forgot to mention that I live in an apartment. Yes, I'm at the top floor. Whatever exercises you suggest, please keep in mind that I'm a big mama and I have neighbors underneath me. Stepping doesn't seem to create as much noise.
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