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Thank you Darlene and Lou! The media finally released some information. Wounded NOPD officer in intensive care, suspect still on loose after shooting | New Orleans they just released his name a couple hours ago. He was hit twice. I got an update earlier from a friends that said that he was hurt badly but was in good spirits. I asked a few questions, one being "where" was he hit, that one seemed to be avoided. I'm praying for the best but I would think it it were minor wounds, I would have been told.

Johnny also shoots on my pool team. We play on Monday and I was thinking about having the team sit out, forfeit our games and go see him. I said that I was going to try to go visit him in the hospital on Monday and asked if they thought he would still be there. I was told that he'd be there for a while.

So with that said, prayers are still needed. If you don't pray, I'll take positive thoughts. Thanks everyone.
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