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Default praying for Jonny

praying for your friend Jonny.

feelings and food - go together.

there is a dopamine hormone released everytime we eat - it is a feel good hormone. when stress comes - food tends to be something that most people
without really thinking about it, reach for.

i feel for you having such painful feelings - there is time and space for your processes around feelings and around food.

no rush.

easy does it.

sometimes beating up on oneself for not doing what we 'should'....can really hurt, because often the reason we are eating in the first place, is that we hare hurt and not allowed to be heard or comforted in our worlds , sometimes, or our own beliefs.

the idea of kinder to the soul...than the hard taskmaster that is 'perfection'.

just for the record - i ate 8 pieces of licorice today, and 3 cookies - not what i planned.....but...i did manage to eat my salads too....that is a plus...and i did sit down for an hour , with my feelings and wrote out what was happening, what was painful......having had a good cry and connecting with some pain...that was earler covered up by licorice etc.....i feel calmer and more balanced.

a little progress - for me.
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