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Try here: Recipes for Juicing | Juice Recipes
If you scroll down the home page you'll see the "popular ingredient" list on the bottom right -- click on any of them and you'll be directed to a list of all their recipes that contain the one you clicked. There are a lot of recipes but you'll likely still run into the taste wall...

If I may be allowed to throw out a challenge:

Just because you haven't developed an appreciation for the flavor of veggies to this point might not necessarily mean that you can't do so going forward. (I didn't like avocados as a kid -- love'em now...) The health benefits of veggies vs fruit are vastly different and you might be able to stretch yourself -- gently, of course.

I put spinach, kale, and various herbs in almost every batch of juice I make and I find the flavor to be easily masked by the fruit -- that said, I like the flavor of the veggies, so I'm coming in from a different perspective.

However, another challenge you have in juicing is that you're using a blender. Leafy greens don't really blend well. Carrots are likely out of the question. Things that cross my mind are cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, avocado -- but, those are all fruits according to botanists -- heheh...!

I like this kind'a thing so I'll help you down this road if you wanna play.
Since you said you don'tr like 75% of veggies, the first obvious question is:
Which ones do you like?
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