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Robin Great job on your lunch walk! Ooo so we go into Saturday tied here’s hoping for some sunshine for our walks!

Hope I don’t think the brand matters much but the $20-40 dollar ones seem to be the most accurate that I have found and it needs to be one you can set to measure your gait, as we all step at different lengths so that matters if you are counting steps and calories. Having said that my mom uses a 10$ one from walmart and its close enough for her and she’s not using the calories or heart rate feature’s she just wants to know how far she went approximately and how many steps she took as she’s doing the 10 000 a day step challenge.

Mike Robin and I expect some movement from you this weekend so get up and go or I will have to get Mern to dig out the whip for me.

Lou Welcome Robin, Mike and I have a walking challenge happening this week you are more than welcome to jump on board!

Have a great Saturday everyone!

Walk 10k before Sunday night: M=Y, T=N, W=N, T=2.8k. F=N
Calories less than 1500: M= 1141, T=1321, W=1272, T=1662, F=1061
Calorie deficit of 5000 for week: M= -946, T= -739, W= -888, T= -477, F= -1027
No sugar: M=Y, T=Y, W=Y, T=Y, F=Y

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