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Default Hi - im new

Hi y'all
I am new here and have been enjoying reading all your posts.

I have 77lbs to lose - aiming to lose in 10 months , at 2 pounds a week.

as much raw food tends to work well for me, though i'm not a completely raw
person at all.

when i have lost weight before, lots of green veg and raw veg balanced with carbs and protein etc - with EXERCISE! - it has been really good results.

i just need to keep choosing to EXERCISE! and not decide to not do it or slack off.

I really am grateful for this site.

I've just spent a few hours typing in menus for each day for a week, so that i can see at a glance what i need to buy and have in , to keep balanced.
Also, being prepeared, ie preparing food in advance, tends to work well too...well it has in the past.

nothing worse than coming home starving and just throwing myself into the land of snacks.

these are my ideals - i need strength and tenacity to keep saying 'yes' and doing the same thing, each day, even if i feel fed up or bored.

i really want to be rid of this weight.

i put it on when i went through a particulary difficult time between 2006-2010. I put on 6 stones in 4 years.

It was a terrible time.

I don't want to use food to cope anymore...but that might, realistically, take a lifetime to conquer.

one day at a time hey?

i really would like to connect and be accountable, particularly for my excerise
each day.

i'm lou by the way
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