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Thumbs up I know how it is!

I can understand exactly where you are, been dieting since Jan 10. Made great progress in the beginning, but it's been slow go and plateauing --- my first goal weight is to be 155 by April 30, so I'm really trying to get there. Last weigh in two weeks ago was 158-1/2. I love this website, it's FREE and it so helpful in keepting track of everything --- great data base of foods and nutritional contents, fats, carbs, proteins, all your activities, walking, sittting, housework, working out, etc. So you see the calories eaten and calories burned. I'm nearing 60, so my metabolic rate is slower --- but recently I've been doing a lot of yard work as well as daily stretching and Tai Qi -- so hang in there --- plateau's are really not much fun especially when you stay on one for weeks!

Andrea G.

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