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Default Sudden unexplainable increase in hunger

I have been mindfully looking after my calorie and fat intake and getting in a strenuous hike every other day for the past three weeks. So far I have lost three pounds but am also happily losing inches. I have kept my diet very clean - good fats and lean protein with little desire to veer off this way of eating until yesterday when I absolutely had to have pancakes! Is there a chance that my metabolism is changing with all of the new life changes? I can literally see in the mirror that I am gaining muscle mass but certainly don't want to lose footing moving forward with my weight loss plan. Certainly pancakes are a want and not a need, but the craving was unreal. Has anyone experienced this sudden need for refined carbs after weeks of progress? I have a caloric deficit of about 800 on most days and have been feeling great energy up until yesterday evening. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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