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Waiting for GD to get ready to go out for breakfast turned breakfast into brunch but that may have been a good thing carbwise. I think the carb counts for the omelet in the restaurant's online menu are overstated based on the few veggies I saw tucked between the egg plus just a smear of Hollandaise sauce, but I won't try to reduce them in my nutrition tracker. My body will know how to react to what I ate. I'd rather err in my nutrition tracker on the side of conservatism.

Brunch: zero cholesterol omelet with tomato, spinach, onion, cheese, and a smeal of Hollandaise sauce; cantaloupe and fresh pineapple; cream in my decaf coffee

Snack: boneness, skinless chicken with zero everything Walden Farms Russian Dressing as a dip

Dinner: baked fish (probably pollock), cooked mushrooms, sweet and sour cucumbers, black soybeans

Evening snacks: protein shake with flaxmeal and celery or cucumber with tuna salad made with ranch dressing instead of mayo
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