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Originally Posted by jjrudd View Post

Ok, this may not seem like a big deal but when I bought them it only went up half-way.
My pants are looser too!

I can't give you a dancing banana now because I'm on my work computer. Big congrats though.

Originally Posted by canary52 View Post
So, let's see how I did yesterday , shall we?

I ate an Ezkiel English muffin with soy cream cheese because I could not face another egg or egg white
rest of the day:
lunch: lefover shrimp, whole wheat pasta and salad - yes, all of it
dinner: chicken or fish and veg- ha, ha look below
fruit - some pineapple
turkey breast and ham and cheese -yes
kippers (yeah, weird I know) -no
12-15 cashews -no
DH and I are meeting a friend for drinks at Hermes bar and possibly dinner at Antoines. So I will try not to drink club soda and lemon will be my choice hopefully. COSMO and had "cordials"a t 11pm Dinner may be gumbo and trout ponchatrain (with lump crabmeat.- gumbo, split pompano pontchatrain and pompano almondine, lots of butter y'all) But you can bet there will prolly be oysters rockefeller or bienville. (First time we didn't get oysters at Antoines. We had some delicious crawfish in a sauce I don't even want to think about how many calories, and chilled lump crab meat.) And please whoever oversees my diet (yes that would be me), save me from the fried puffed potatoes. (First thing our friennd ordered - with hollandaise sauce for the table, which was umm mainly me, altho DH did pretty good.) Make me order the salad with asparagus instead. (glazed carrots in butter and sugar, yes sugar) Since I am appealing to my higher powers of self control, may I also add and if you give me my daily bread, please make it a slice or two, not too much butter. (two) Then the piece de resistance. Our friend had ordered an enoemous Baked Alaska that said Welcome back with our last name in fancy writing on it.

So how did I do? Haha. But we had so much fun with our friend, such a great time. And I gained a pound from the lowest of my many times weighing myself yesterday but stayed pretty close to how I have been. I will post my plan but seriously I cannot think of food yet. I woke up thinking "Ohhhhhh I will never eat again." Yeah we'll see how long that lasts. Plus I hear there may be a crawfish boil in our future... Didn't last long, did it?[/quote]Hope, Hope, Hope I'm sure you're starting to see a trend here. As like most places, just about everything is based around food. The thing is, down here EVERYTHING is based around FOOOOOOOOD!

Originally Posted by dmartz View Post
  • Workout > 30 mins x 4: N, Y, (15-20 mins)
  • Cholesterol < 250mg: 111, 230, 93
  • Protein > 50 g: 43, 108, 44,
  • Sugar < (??? g): ~, Exemplary, ~
  • Vegetables > 3 /day: N, N, N
  • Calories < 1750: 1291, 1287, 1127
Short workout. Getting better at pushups. Calories Exemplary. Good with fruits, vegetables, not so much. Sugar, well, I joined Mern & Jezz in chocolate (70%) after reading about the minis! & After reading the food p0rn today I bit into the apple that's been sitting on my desk for, like, ever.

Robin: With luck your recovery is permanent.
Hope: don't have too much fun!
Jenn: I keep hearing a certain Nancy Sinatra song now!
really good so far. You rocked it on protein Tuesday. I'm glad to hear you're getting better at pushuos, you must be getting stronger.

Originally Posted by canary52 View Post
1) 6 glasses H2O -10 no,no
2) stretch - yes, yes, no
3) plan food (inasmuch as possible) yes, yes, yes
4) try to stick to plan -yes close Not even in the neighborhood...
5) meditate -yes no yes
6) write -yes, yes, yes but it wasn't pretty
7) think before I speak -mostly no, I talk too much and without thinking yes
Very colorful so far.

Originally Posted by Robingen View Post
Well Jenn congratulations! It is a big deal

Hope, you are so close to your goal, really have fun!

Walking challenge: did .7 K today. It's a start. 9.3 to go between now and Sunday. Haha....

And thanks to those who offered supportive comments on the vision. It has certainly been very inconvenient.
I missed it about your vision but congrats on the .7k. I'm at .0 right now.
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