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jjrudd - Congrats on being able to zip up your boots! Those kinds of things are the best rewards.

1. 1200-1500 calories a day -yes M Tu W
2. at least an hour of activity a day (for me, right now, it's mostly yard work) M Tu W
3. no white flour, sugar M T (Wed I had a few ravioli)
4. no eating after 8 pm - M Tu W

Fortunately, I rarely crave sugar, so eliminating sugar isn't much of an issue for me. And I've been avoiding white flour for the last couple of years, so that's pretty easy too - I can't even stand to eat something like a regular hamburger bun now.

I do crave salt and grease - set me down with a pizza or a bag of potato chips and a bowl of clam dip and watch them vanish. Stuff like that and my willpower disappears.
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