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Good Morning!

I didn't find a group titled exercise so I figured this was the best place to post.

I have been on my diet/exercise regime for almost 2 weeks now (started, stopped, started again).

I have been doing well other than 2 days when I was sick and girl scout cookies had come in. Bad combination.

My exercise regime has consisted of at least 30 minute walks at least 3 times a week and 15 minutes of yoga at least 3 times a week (it's tough!!). It's been easy to squeeze these in with my busy schedule but more would definitely be challenging.

I read this article about tabata training. 4 minutes of 20 second bursts and 10 second rests for a total of 8 different exercises. The article talked about burst training and how it is highly beneficial over walking/running because the heart rate increases quicker. I'm all for this but since I am not in great shape more than 4 minutes would be too much. I am going to attempt to start squeezing this in before, during, or after my walks.

Has anyone else tried this type of exercise routine?
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