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Originally Posted by canary52 View Post
I ate an Ezkiel English muffin with soy cream cheese because I could not face another egg or egg white
rest of the day:
lunch: lefover shrimp, whole wheat pasta and salad
dinner: chicken or fish and veg
turkey breast and ham and cheese
kippers (yeah, weird I know)
12-15 cashews
Yes I am quoting myself. Might have to revise dinner (and might not have so many snacks). DH and I are meeting a friend for drinks at Hermes bar and possibly dinner at Antoines. So I will try not to drink (club soda and lemon will be my choice hopefully.) Dinner may be gumbo and trout ponchatrain (with lump crabmeat.) But you can bet there will prolly be oysters rockefeller or bienville. And please whoever oversees my diet (yes that would be me), save me from the fried puffed potatoes. Make me order the salad with asparagus instead. Since I am appealing to my higher powers of self control, may I also add and if you give me my daily bread, please make it a slice or two, not too much butter. I hope I did not offend anyone here with religious references. Lemmee know and I will delete offensive part.
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