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Originally Posted by canary52 View Post
Donna, I'm with you about the sugars. Can it really be that hard for them to add? They do have all the other stuff.
Hope: Yes, it could be hard to add. I can relate to all the intricacies that would be involved, with the db and the logs, and the reports. Then there's 2.0 vs. classic, (and the testing.) But they haven't asked for my opinion on spec'ing out the work. All I know is that after five or more years, they should have started on this. Now I'll try to lay off this subject for a bit.

Contrary to public opinion, I can be also be very patient, if I'm so inclined.

Glad you had (having) a great time in N.O. and good to see the scale(s) are consistent!

- Donna
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