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I know exactly how you feel , im 32 years old ,5.1" and weight 53 kgs (small frame)

I know it doesn't sound a lot but it is for me .

I have 4 children. the last one was born 18 months ago .
with a gap of 8 years between her and the one before.
before my last pregnancy I weighed 45 kgs.

I had breast implants because I looked more like a boy a the time.

anyway ive been working out vigorously for 6 weeks twice a day morning and afternoon

morning I do shaun t insanity + afternoon brazil butt lift (both cardio)

my diet consists of less than 1000 calories a day (but ive never been a big eater )
but I have lots of fat on my hips ,butt and thighs .
I am serious ,my top half is lean and so is my waist ,then that's it below that its like a different person . I have trunks for thighs and saddle bag hips and my butt sags.

while working out I managed for around a week to lose 2 pounds but then I put it back on . I know they say it could be turning to muscle . but non of my measurements have changed at all .

my husband did generously offer me liposuction . but I refused as I am determined to do this the good old fashioned way and get healthier and fitter at the same time .

I just cant explain the plateau unless I have an underlying thyroid problem or something . my doctor refuses to test it for me
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