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I ate an Ezkiel English muffin with soy cream cheese because I could not face another egg or egg white
rest of the day:
lunch: lefover shrimp, whole wheat pasta and salad
dinner: chicken or fish and veg
turkey breast and ham and cheese
kippers (yeah, weird I know)
12-15 cashews

I finally got a new scale and was happy to see I prety much stayed the same. I was 128 for about ten minutes; (OK for one day.) The day I left I was 129 and that's how much I am now (pretty friggin good for two weeks in NOLA.) I would like to continue my downward tend till 125. I don't see how I could get much lower without feeling I was starving myself. Planning meals seems to work and hasn't been too bad (easier for me than tracking.) MUST DRINK MORE WATER. I'm gonna go take a sip (OK a gulp) now.

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