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1) 6 glasses H2O -10 no
2) stretch - yes, yes
3) plan food (inasmuch as possible) yes, yes
4) try to stick to plan -yes close
5) meditate -yes no
6) write -yes, yes
7) think before I speak -mostly no, I talk too much and without thinking
turkey bacon and egg whites ( did one egg, one egg white)
hamburger on Ezkiel bread or kippers -no, pretzels cause tummy hurt
dinner (with DH, Mike and his GF):
guacamole and carrots, some chips yes, very few chips
cheese -yes
shrimp marsala over whole wheat pasta -yes
salad -yes
fresh fruit -yes

Mike great seeing you and your GF.
Ama, what is the noro diet? I musta missed that. I hope you and the family feel better.
Mern, don't you hate when that happens?
Darlene, I feel your pain: in my case, I call it open mouth, insert thigh (instead of foot, I get the whole leg in there.)
Donna, I'm with you about the sugars. Can it really be that hard for them to add? They do have all the other stuff.
Hello to all and welcome new folks!!!!

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