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Hey Everyone! I have been checking in every few days to see what's happenin'. Not a goal in sight for a few weeks though… Started last week with a terrible head cold, then DS brought the norovirus home from school (vomit, diarrhea, etc.). We all got it last weekend. DS is still out of school recovering. I have been on the noro diet though: minus 4 lbs in one day! Followed by a carb fest - so much for progress . Time to plan meals again, lay off the GS cookies and up the water… oh and I think I have a gym membership?

morning smoothie - fruit and veggie
lunch - banana, hard-boiled egg, toast
dinner - split pea soup
green tea/water all day
snack - trail mix

take DS out for a walk
plant tomato seeds (starting them indoors 3 mo early)
work from home as much as I can

I hope everybody is well and doing great with your goals! Welcome to the newcomers!
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