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1. 80-100 oz water daily M:Y, T:Y,
2. eat what you brought to work M:Y, T:Y,
3. workout 4 times during M-F M:Y, T:Y,
4. Walk twice during M-W M:Y, T:N,
5. snack wisely M:Mostly, T:HECK NO,
6. laundry M:N, T:N,
7. mend work socks for hubby (his steel toes kill them) M:N, T:N,

Mostly a good day yesterday. Went overboard on snacking last night. Won't go into the food porn for y'all but it wasn't pretty. It was a controlled binge but it still wasn't pretty.

Did not walk due to the "wintry mix" falling from the sky yesterday and today doesn't look promising either with high of 20 degrees and periods of snow.
Still did my workout last night though. Did 20 minutes of kettlebell with 45 seconds cardio between each kettlebell set and then a 10 minute butt & thigh video.

Work has given me a change up. They are realigning all of our sales districts and making special teams to support our school, healthcare & hospitality sales instead of our sales people who sell to independent restaurants. Being that I am in collections they felt it best to assign all of the school business to one collector so in realigning they have chosen me to be that person. I am not overwhelmed (yet!) but I know that I will be much busier until I get it all organized and down to a science. But that is why I was chosen for the job, they want it to be organized and well handled.

Cassie...I applaud you knowing when it is time to revamp your goals during a busy stressful week.
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