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Well one huge goal that is missing for me this week is to do the 1/2 marathon. My SIL and her friend can't make it down so I'll blame it on them. It has nothing to do with the fact that I've been too lazy to train.

Originally Posted by wildbeanerz View Post
Mike & Hope ... Great picture! Love to see those smiling faces!

Just back in from another 2 mile lunch walk. Probably won't get one tomorrow as the "wintry mix" is in the forecast for tomorrow but if not, I will get out there. Hoping to bust my butt again tonight with another round of kickboxing. Maybe a smaller round of it mixed with a small round of kettlebell? We shall see. I really like the fast pace of the kickboxing cardio. Before you know it, your time is up and you are exhausted but it is fun.
Thank you and congrats on getting the walking at workouts done!

Originally Posted by canary52 View Post
Yes, I did not mind that picture being up as much as I thought I would. But then again I got to hide behind the chilluns.
You can run, but you can't hide.

Originally Posted by carolynnq View Post
Hi all,

I'd like to join in here. I think posting goals is a great idea.

1. 1200-1500 calories a day
2. at least an hour of activity (for me, right now, it's mostly yard work)
3. no white flour, sugar
4. no eating after 8 pm

I've managed all but #3 for the last 10 days. Yesterday I had 3 candied cashews (but at least I didn't eat the whole bag!). I'm feeling energized from the yard work and get to see my yard looking better too. I was a huge late-night snacker. The first 3 or 4 days, it was really hard for me not to eat after 8. Now I find that most nights, I'm not having the urge to eat then.

Jezzie - is your shoulder problem a rotator cuff problem? A couple of years ago, I couldn't move my left arm above my waist, and would wake up several times during night with excruciating pain from it. Doctors were useless. I used a product called RotatoReliever. The first night wearing it I slept through the night. 45 days later I was completely pain free and and hand full motion of the shoulder (and still do).
Welcome aboard. Nice set of goals you have.

Originally Posted by Jezzie8 View Post
Hi carolynnq. the shoulder is frozen in place and yes, it would be rotator. I have very limited movement as well and pain. I'm dreading physio on Wed - he already told me it was not going to be fun I will look up the product you're referring to, it sounds like magic to me!!
[insert lame joke here]If it's frozen, try a heating pad.[/lame joke] I also have bad shoulders. I first dislocated my right shoulder back in the early 90's when I was on my motorcycle and had a hot date with the pavement. After having my right arm in a sling for 3 months, my left shoulder started to give me fits, I guess from overuse. Since then I dislocated my right probably a dozen times and my left a hand full of times. The strange thing is that I haven't done it in years. It just seems to have gotten better on its own. Every now and then I'll move just right and I'll get that loud pop, my face looks like but once I realize that it's still in place I'm like .

Originally Posted by Mern View Post
Mike, best wishes on your dropping 2 lbs. this week.
Thanks Mern.

Originally Posted by cjohnson728 View Post
I'm going to pull a Mike this week and poach a goal from everyone who's posted them so far:

1. 4 servings fruits/veggies
2. Bring healthy lunch to work (eat healthy when working at home, order healthy on Wed. when lunch is brought in for audit; order healthy on Thurs. when lunch out for interview).
3. Drink a lot of water.
4. Snack wisely.
5. Try to keep calories to 1200 - 1300 per day & even out carbs & protein.
6. Stretch.
7. At least an hour of activity (Carolyn, hi and welcome! Is this daily or weekly?). my work cut out for me! Thanks, guys!
Hijacking the goals of others is a nice change of pace.

Originally Posted by dar n View Post
Walk Twice: M=Y
Calories less than 1500: M= 1141
Calorie deficit of 5000 for week: M= -946
No sugar: M=Y
Post everyday: M=Y
Wow, you are off to a great start.

Originally Posted by velmasue2 View Post
New here. However, I've tried Fitday before. I lost about 40 pounds 4 years ago, but have gradually gained it all back. I really hate to admit that, even to myself. I think setting weekly goals will help me:

Goals for my first week:
Walk 15 minutes a day
Record foods each day, 1200-1500 calories per day
Stay away from sugar!
Drink 6 glasses of water each day.
Welcome back!

Originally Posted by dmartz View Post
My standard issue goals:
  • Workout > 30 mins x 4: N
  • Cholesterol < 250mg: 111
  • Protein > 50 g: 43
  • Sugar < (??? g): ~
  • Vegetables > 3 /day: N,
  • Calories < 1750: 1291
Not enough protein, not enough vegetables, not enough sleep. Unfortunately, black olives are a fruit, not a vegetable, or I could almost count three servings. Almost. Doing well on the cholesterol front, and the calories.

Mike: Sending me a King cake would be way too easy compared to getting a response out of the Internet Brand guys. An estimate on when they will add Sugar to the food log is a much more worthy quest. I hope you'll be as tenacious as I can be in this regard.

- Donna
Sugar tracking is a very popular request. I can only hope that they work it in ASAP.

Originally Posted by jjrudd View Post
Goals for week
1. Keep carbs to 120 grams Mon, NO
2. Drink 6 glasses of water BIG YES-7
3. 4 servings fruits/veggies 3
4. Exercise 5x 30min Mon,no

Personal goals
1. Clean kitchen (again or is it still??) some

not a bad start to the week. I kept to 40 grams per meal but I forgot I had apple at lunch and some crackers before bed.

My Mom likes this recipe for meatballs over rice but it calls for ketchup which is full of sugar. I switched it out with a can of whole tomatoes that I blended with emersion blender and then put all the same seasons in. Not as sweet but taste was similar. 18 carbs for the whole can vs 21 for 3tbsp of ketchup! my Mom liked it too

Good job on the sauce and congrats on the water.

Originally Posted by wildbeanerz View Post
Forgot to mention that yesterday's exercise besides walking 2 miles (36 minutes) was 20 minutes of dumbell exercises with 20 seconds of cardio between each set. I love to mix up my exercise and my body responds well when I keep it interesting. One thing the guy on my video said the other night struck with me. It was getting to the end of 40 minutes of kickboxing and he said something like...I know you are tired but the more tired you are and the harder you keep pushing the more calories you are burning. So even though you are wearing down at the end of your exercise routine keep giving it your all because that is when the burn is counting the most.
Man you are killing it, once again! What DVD are you doing?

Originally Posted by Mern View Post

Monday Report:
Day 1 of 21-Day Mindset Makeover (metabolism jumpstart)

Not an excuse--just an explanation: I could have done better had I been more diligent, but I was working on a computer issue and just didn't take the time I should have on tracking my carbs. Went over 6g which is a lot when doc and I agreed I should have no more than 25g net per day to keep my blood sugar normal without meds. 3 extra grams were from a second serving of almonds and the other 3 extra were just small things that added up.

Stick to guidelines for my eating program C+
Calories 1200-1800 1582
Saturated Fat average 10% of daily calories 12%
Dietary Cholesterol 250mg or less 188mg
Protein minimum 100g 135g
Net Carb Average 25g 31g
Fiber Average 25g 33g
Exercise 5 days YES
Water 64 oz. YES
keep up the good work. You can easilly make up on the carbs and get that average down.
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