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Default Monday Report

My standard issue goals:
  • Workout > 30 mins x 4: N
  • Cholesterol < 250mg: 111
  • Protein > 50 g: 43
  • Sugar < (??? g): ~
  • Vegetables > 3 /day: N,
  • Calories < 1750: 1291
Not enough protein, not enough vegetables, not enough sleep. Unfortunately, black olives are a fruit, not a vegetable, or I could almost count three servings. Almost. Doing well on the cholesterol front, and the calories.

Mike: Sending me a King cake would be way too easy compared to getting a response out of the Internet Brand guys. An estimate on when they will add Sugar to the food log is a much more worthy quest. I hope you'll be as tenacious as I can be in this regard.

- Donna

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