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Sophie, I found your twitter page and it does appear that you are serious with your aspiration to gain as much weight as possible to get on TBL. I don't understand that way of thinking but I guess I don't need to.

Keep in mind that many people aren't as fortunate as you to have to try so hard to gain weight. Many of us struggle every day just to maintain or to lose just a little weight.

As Cassie stated, we are getting complaints, because you are coming off as insensitive. While FD is designed for weight loss, we do have people that want to gain weight, for which ever reason. None of them were insensitive to those struggling with weight loss, besides people trolling or people just trying to fire someone up... and they have been banned. Not banned because of their desire to gain weight but how they've treated others. There have also been people trying to lose weight, that have also been banned for the same reason.

I try not to read too much into what someone "says" but it almost sounds as if you're saying "OMG, how could someone really be that big?!?!? I'm glad I'm not like one of them that struggles with weight. I think it would be fun to try to get big."

Well, it's not fun and if you walk around with your eyes open, I'm sure you'll see plenty of people around you (work, school, your home town, etc) that are that big and struggle every day of their life with it. They've lived with the health issues and pains that come with the territory and they probably don't think its fun.

I stand by my original point by saying that I doubt that the producers of TBL, would appreciate someone that hasn't lived that as their life, someone who can't honestly relate to the struggles that come with it. Most of all, I think that in the "Internet age" your motive would quickly get out and they would see you as a liability. I hope for your same that if you are able to gain that much weight, you learn from it, even if you don't make it on TBL. I also hope that if you do get that big, it doesn't take over you and make it too difficult to it back around.

Either, just try being a little more sensitive to those that aren't fortunate enough to be in your "situation"!
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