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Jenn, nice goals!

Robin, wishing you warmth and comfort on your snowed-in day. Best wishes on your goals this week, especially on your exercise.

Mike, best wishes on your dropping 2 lbs. this week.

April,you had quite an informal workout on Saturday--that had to burn a lot of calories. Kudos on your 40 minutes yesterday. Wow, also kudos on your weight loss last week! Have fun with the family room renovations and your four day weekend. Best wishes on your goals this week. Yeah, live-in GD got engaged in September on her 18th birthday and then December found out she's pregnant. Baby is due mid-August. Her fiance's family is great--they go to our church and have the same values we do. His family is supportive and told GD they'll help me out with babysitting. I'm so glad because I know it would be overwhelming for me to start over with an infant at my age (will be 67) with GD going to college full time and working 30 hours a week. I'm hoping to talk her into working just 22-25 hours a week after the baby is born. We're all hoping they both finish college before they get married, though. I'll be doing the middle of the night feedings for GD on school nights. I'm a light sleeper anyway so I'll love having that special alone time with the baby. Ooh, great job on your 2 mile lunch walk! And I gotta tell you I soooo admire you on the kickboxing! Way to go with all your exercise. No wonder you're losing weight so well!

Hope, I can't imagine truffle oil popcorn. Now that zebra corn sounds like something I'd really enjoy. Nice goals and menu! And thanks for your encouragement.

Jezzie, the makeovers I'm talking about are parts of diet plan books with 21 day metabolism jumpstarts. I'm now following the 21-day Mindset Makeover from Robert Ferguson's book Diet Free For Life. (He co-authored the first program 21-Day Metabolism Makeover from the Food For Life Program but that book was unaffordable to me.) What's new to me is a way to combine proteins, fats, and carbs for meals and snacks to make them into what the author calls fat-burning meals and snacks and having to eat a meal or snack every 2-3 hours to keep blood sugar stable. One has to read to the book to follow the formulas and guidelines, but I got it for under $6 on including shipping and handling. Aw, best wishes on alleviation of the pain and inconvenience of your frozen shoulder and on your physical therapy helping as much as possible.

Carolyn, welcome. Best wishes on your very nice goals. I do low carb and it's still hard for me to avoid sweets sometimes. On the program I am following I have to eat a meal or snack every two-three hours to keep my blood sugar stable. I have to eat 1-3 hours before bedtime which is usually around midnight, but that last snack is supposed to be mostly protein rather than carbs. But any way of losing weight is good as long as meals are healthful and balanced.
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