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Jenn, thanks for starting us out.

Man, I have a food hangover. Grilled oysters, gumbo and split two shrimp dishes at Draos, a restaurant Mike recommended, so I blame him. Of course, he did not make me eat the truffle oil popcorn and zebra corn (caramel popcorn with white and milk chocolate) in the movies, that was me. IN THE MOVIES!!! This is a tough town to try to stay thin in. But try I will.

Jezzie, I suffer all the time from this. Water is crucial. Change of diet can cause or cure this. For me, the other night coffee and a bit of ice cream (which surprisingly I don't like) helped. Also dried fruit; sometimes if we go too low on carbs and our bodies are not used to that, this happens. If it get's too bad try (in white) a lemon juice enema, a little fresh lemon juice squeezed into warm water. If not, Ex Lax also helps.

April, look at you, you are a woman on a mission.
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