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Back after the weekend. I didn't fall off the bus. I just didn't have time to post. No workouts on Saturday but lots of lugging furniture and cement board and boxes of laminate flooring to and fro ought to count for something
Did an awesome 40 minute cardio/kickboxing with abs workout last evening. Man was I sweating! Made a very light strawberry pie yesterday for last nights snack and it is awesome. It is so light that I could have had two pieces and not felt bad but I only had one.

Lost 4.2lbs last week and it's TOTM since Friday. It was more than that but I went up with bloating. I'm not going to compain though. Any loss on that week is a win for me. I can easily gain 6-8 lbs while eating lettuce & water that week.

Goals for this week. Not going to be what they used to be but I'm getting there. I'm off work this Thursday & Friday to help with some of the family room renovations and just to hang out with my hubby for a while. So I know after Wednesday my posting will be limited. 4 day weekend though!! Woohoo!

1. 80-100 oz water daily
2. eat what you brought to work
3. workout 4 times during M-F
4. Walk twice during M-W
5. snack wisely
6. laundry
7. mend work socks for hubby (his steel toes kill them)
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