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1) HAVE FUN - YES, YES!!!! YES YES F &S recovering from fun
2) plan meals; yes and are you kidding me? It was Mardi Gras, nuff said. That last post was like War and Piece of Chicken yes, yes, yes, yes
3) stay even remotely near plan, especially lunch and breakfast- yes and there was no plan but I was OK until those chips (Blame Mike 101) sorta, sorta, um, um gotta get back to lower carb
4) stretch EVERY DAY (you should too, Mr Mike) yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes
5) get back to meditation -yes and um I contemplated King Cake no, no yes, no
6) water is the new beer, drink more= N, N haven't thought of it x2 (W&TH) yes, yes
7) Have fun (however will I do that in NOLA?) Notice that is TWO of my goals!!!! I'm taking this seriously. See #1
8) Find a scale (do I even WANT to know?) N, N, I do want to know I think;Yes I found one but I was too cheap to buy it; weighed myself on a public scale (with shoes on) and it lied by trying to flatter me into thinking I am 10 pounds lighter than I prolly am. no, no I need to before I get too big for my britches

April, no two ways about it, you rock.

Mern, sorry to hear about your allergy. Hope you feel better.
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