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Robin, hi. Aw, that must have been really upsetting for your son to park just fine and then forgetting to signal. I can see how he'd forget--I doubt I'd think to signal if I was in a vacant lot with no cars behind me. I hope you enjoy your shrimp in quinoa. We're having cod--my favorite fish. Stay safe and warm in the snowstorm.

Cassie, I know the feeling. I just this morning had the nerve to get on my scale, but was delighted to find I'm only 1.5 lbs. above where I left off--and some of that may be excess water. That's great your DH can do your tax returns, too. I can understand it being even more of a pain to gather all the forms, statements, and spreadsheets and make an appointment for someone else to do the return. So I must admit that even if my DH was willing to pay a tax preparer, I'd probably just go ahead and do it myself anyway. Aw, thanks for asking. GD is feeling just fine. She thought she had the beginnings of morning sickness, but it was only two days and then stopped. She's eating very healthfully. She's been having fun shopping and has decided on Winnie the Pooh for her nursery theme--which surprised me until I recalled how much she loved Winnie the Pooh as a child. Again, great job on your FitDay reports--and yesterday was pretty darned good, too! I, too, need to get cracking on exercise and water--been slacking there. Ooh, that scone sounds so yummy, especially with tea! Very English of you, my deah! Have fun with the paralell parking. Such an exciting time.

Donna, I agree with Cassie that you did a great job despite the cookies. Great job on your dietary cholesterol! Do you feel any better eating more protein? Congrats on starting your taxes. I hope you find some nice credits. I was tickled to find residential energy savings credits that I almost let slip by for insulation work and a new entry door. I was thinking it was done in late 2011, but I got off my lazy butt to go double-check my invoices and found it was from Feb. 2012. I'm restarting my Mindset Makeover tomorrow. I fell off the wagon when I hurt my back last week and couldn't exercise but I'm all better now. I do feel better than when I first started, but not like a new woman. Hoping to be tomorrow at where I left off--at 119.5 after shedding what I think could be 1.5 lbs. of water retention. I know the program works for me--just have to do the whole thing.
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