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Default New to site, could use some help understanding using fitday log.

Hey everyone I'm new here and got a couple questions in regards to using fitday log.

I don't quite understand using net calories and calorie deficit.

I'm an amateur muay thai fighter so I train 4-5x a week 2x day 1hr -2hrs each session. I also teach muay thai and do security as my part time job, so being active and walking alot also adds to my training regime.

I'm 5'2'' 7-8% body fat and weigh 123lbs.

Now I'd like to get to 120lbs and I've tried the fitday log and it says my body alone burns around 2250 calories.

Now with training I can burn up to 3000 calories plus I do my morning sessions on empty stomach as my own morning routine. So I guess on a given day I can burn anywhere from 3000-5000 calories.

I've logged in my stuff and im always on the negative in terms of net calories, and it says I should restrict my calories to around 1700 if I want to make 120lbs?

Does that mean I need to eat 1700 calories each day or does that mean I need to cut out 1700 calories meaning 1700- 2250 calories (days I don't train)
and 1700-5000 calories (days i train and work)?

kind regards
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