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Default Postpardum lose skin help!!!!!

Age: 22
Weight: 115lbs
Height: 5'1

I was never big my whole life, just 'skinny-fat' I guess. Not healthy, but thin-ish. I just had my first child in September. He was 10lb2oz when he was born!!! I was only 95lbs when I got pregnant, but 149 when I had my c-section. But despite the fact that I gained more than 50lbs, it was almost all water weight and in my stomach. Not because I stayed fit or ate healthy (though I really should have) but just because of my mutant metabolism. So, I lost a lot of weight really quickly in the beginning. But was also breastfeeding for the first three months.
So, my question is and ultimately what led me here is what do I do now? My stomach looks like a leather handbag and my breasts are no longer a fun place to be. My partner doesn't seem to care one way or the other, but I care and as I'm sure you all know low self esteem is beyond terrible. Is there anything I can do? I feel like there's no coming back from this due to the extreme stretching of the skin and then boomerang back. Or maybe if I was able to breast feed longer. I understand that pregnancy changes your body but is this really it forever?
Anyway, PLEASE HELP! I will taking any insight into this topic matter you have to offer.

I will post a before and after picture so you can see the ridiculousness of my pregnant body.
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