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Done with the freakin' income tax returns. I wish DH would try to learn how to do our tax returns but he's too intimidated. I'll bet if I pre-decease him that he'll THEN be willing to pay a tax prep service. Well, at least I won't have to whine about this task again until next year. LOL

Jenn, best wishes on figuring out the mystery of your higher than expected A1C results.

April, I agree with everyone that you are setting such a good example for the rest of us.

Robin, kudos on having a lifestyle that may prevent the development of diabetes. My doc told me that if I am able to bring my blood sugar down to normal and keep it there with a low carb diet (which I have since August of 2011) that even though Type II diabetes runs heavily in my family, I may be able to prevent full-blown diabetes for life. I am fortunate--it's not possible for everyone to control it with diet alone. Even when I go off the wagon for a couple days, I am able to reel myself back in and keep my average blood sugar in the normal range. I've done well foodwise for the past few days, but my scale isn't moving due to not drinking enough fluids.

Donna, kudos on your reports this week! Lots of veggies and chicken is good--pass me a chocolate truffle! I'm having a nice lean pork chop and mashed cauliflower with cheese, and low carb coleslaw for dinner.

Cassie, thanks for your kind words, too. I'm more afraid of the meds than admirable for choosing dietary restrictions. My hat is off to YOU for your fabulous reports all week! That took more diligence and motivation than I had this week. I hope your scale reflects all your hard work.
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