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April, you are ROCKING IT with the exercise. Way to go!!!

Jenn, how was your iron level the day of the test? Red meat, eggs and oatmeal are listed as good sources of iron. So doing very low protein could cause low iron if not supplemented. My source for that question was: A1C test: Results - "If you don't have enough iron in your bloodstream, your A1C test results may be falsely high."

I do take over-the-counter meds for my occasional sinus headaches and for occasional arthritis pain, but I turned down a prescription for Metformin, too, and then later was able to prove I could control my blood sugar through diet alone. However, if my blood sugar level ever gets so high that my dietary restrictions don't continue to control it, I will reassess my position after again weighing the risks of meds vs. complications of diabetes. I had a triglyceride test I disputed once and doc was kind enough to consider that my results may have been skewed by OTC sinus meds I took for 5 days before and up to the midnight before the test. Next test was way more believable.

That is so darned cool. Yup, protein is supposed to help with weight loss. This may be your ticket to that. Kudos on leaving the top crust off the pot pie. Smart thinking!
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