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Unhappy It takes a long time for me to SEE results.

hi everyone,

just wondering if anyone can offer any support. for me, the pounds come off fast and i see dramatic results on the scale, but it is hard for me because i would love to actually SEE results. the thing is, i put on 35 pounds and it's not even really noticeable because i put weight on evenly on every inch of my body. now that i'm losing, the results are similarly unnoticeable. when i gained 35, i still fit in all of the same clothes, etc. however, they looked different and better obviously! lol....

i hope i explained that well... i'm just looking for support and motivation so i stay on track. i just started almost a month ago now, and i am proud to have made it this far, but i'm scared that not seeing changes will lead me to stray from my plan.
Start date: Jan. 23, 2013 - 194 lbs.
Goal date 1: May 1, 2013 - 160 lbs.
Goal date 2: July 8, 2013 - 150 lbs.
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