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Mern, I don't think she "appreciates" me asking questions but is impressed that I take the time to do my homework. I just figure it's MY health and I'm going to ask!
I sent an email to my dietician at diabetes centre because I question my A1C going up 2 percent in 4 months. I know I wasn't eating horribly and my glucose numbers were only 1 point higher than normal. The specialist Dr would like me to go on metformin but I am so against it based on the side effects (like your insides are going to explode). I am willing to do the work.

For the first time I actually have hope that I might be able to lose weight. I was so frustrated trying to figure out how I was ever going to lose weight. Now I can up my protein in the morning!

We had chicken pot pie for dinner and I only put the top crust on. Still the same flavour but less carbs.
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