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I am WOEFULLY behind in my posts. So other than addressing some of you in this post, I send the rest of you huge hugs of encouragement or praise--whatever you need most.

AND I'M GOING TO BE SURE THIS POST GOES THROUGH. Gosh, I think I'm losing my marbles! EDITED IN LATER: Now I know for sure this post went through--and if it disappears I'll know there is a poltergeist deleting my posts. LOL

Robin, no, I didn't think I was posting this morning. LOL But I honestly did lose another post today that I swore I made sure went through. I haven't been doing this in other areas of my life--at least my family isn't saying I have and my 8 and 11 year old grandkids would be the first to laugh it up over such mishaps. I can't lay claim to any eating lifestyle "heroics." My two evening carb binges were simply my seeing some tempting carby stuff I wanted and having no desire at all to fight those cravings. Once I took the first carby bite I wanted more and more and just kept stuffing it in. The cheats were just at night. I tried something different tonight, though--didn't have my snack planned but did think yesterday that plating my evening snack may help. Tonight I put 4 oz. boneless, skinless chicken breast on a plate along with a homemade low carb protein square. Something psychologically more satisfying about that... Wow! Wow! Wow! Major, major, major kudos on putting out the chocolates for others to enjoy and feeling indifferent about them! I was soooo glad no one gave me chocolates for Valentine's Day--I would NOT have been able to resist.

Frenchhen, great report yesterday! "Together we are geniuses." I LOVE THAT!!!

Nyda, adding my welcome back, too.

Jenn, thanks for giving us your checkup report. It is my understanding that protein helps slow down the absorption of carbs. And protein also helps speed up one's metabolism. I'm glad your doc appreciates your asking questions. My doc is like that, too, and even encourages me to email her any questions between visits--and I do. Best wishes on getting your A1C down. I don't expect mine to be normal this time, either, with my recent evening carb binges.

Donna and Hope, I was just busy with grandkids the past couple days--they were off school Thursday and Friday and will be again on Monday. In the evening DH was on the computer and I layed around with my sinus headaches--wood smoke allergy--several neighbors with fireplaces. UGH
I'm much better now and food is on track. Kudos to both of your on your reports!

April, congrats on all your exercise!

Jezzie, I am sooooooo rooting for you to see 199.9 on your scale!

Darlene, kudos on walking and only 2 chocolate covered strawberries!

Cassie, I hope your vertigo is better. Great report yesterday! I've never heard of a temp of 95.1 being normal. My normal temp is about 97.2 as it is for a couple of my grandkids.
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