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Originally Posted by canary52 View Post
egg whites and turkey sausage (low fat, no nitrite)
orange chicken and salad
grilled oysters, fish and veg
protein shake
dried kale
lox, sardines or ham/cheese roll ups

Jezzie, I hear ya about getting sick of chicken. I try to be creative, rethink my idea of snacks.
April, you go girl!!!!
Robin of iron will, I salute you!!! I ate some chocolate; it was sugar free. Still it is not a good food for me, bad health wise and it stalls my weight loss (loss in NOLA haha) The thing about sugar and I promise this is true: the longer you go without it, the less you want it.
Mike, Mern where y'at?
I'm here, I've been a little "busy".

Originally Posted by Jezzie8 View Post
"★゚ ゚★∵★゚ᵃᵖ ゚★∵★゚ ゚ ★★゚ ゚★∵★゚ᵃᵖ ゚★∵★゚ ゚ ★
❤❤❤Cruising by to wish everyone a Happy FRIDAY ❤❤❤
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Originally Posted by wildbeanerz View Post
Kicked butt with another 2 miles on lunch again today. That makes 6.75 for the week. Didn't someone have a goal set to do 7 miles this week? I almost made it!
Came in from my walk to tables in the lunchroom filled with breads, pasta, lunchmeats, dressing, taco salad, blah blah blah. I took one clump of turkey breast (about 2-1/2 bites) and was happy at that. I grabbed my orange out of the fridge and I know that if I need it I still have a Fiber One protein bar in my bag that I have been toting back & forth to work all week. I even got 2 hershey's nuggets yesterday and dropped them in my bag for emergency use later!

I do believe I can say that I got this. Dinner is still my downfall but if I can do as well as I have been with all other aspects of the day I can afford to enjoy dinner with my family. That was one promise that I always made to myself was that I would not let my goals get in the way of dinner with my guys. They are soon going to be moving out on their own (one is joining the navy after high school) and I want them to remember dinner at home with their parents. It is our one strong tradition. Every night (except rare ocassions) we eat dinner together, at the table.
Whoa, you are a BEAST! 6.75 miles and the week is still young. It looks like April got her groove back!
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