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Wink Hi everyone!

Hi all,

I started my journey on Jan 23. 1.5 weeks in I weighed myself and was down 6 pounds! Since then, I have not weighed myself and I am now almost 3.5 weeks in! I'm very proud of myself for sticking to this for nearly a month already.
I avoid weighing myself because I am the impatient type, and it would hurt to not see progress... Anyways, I am probably down to 182 now (*my guess). I went from not being on a diet and eating everything I wanted - probably 2500-3000 calories per day, to eating around 1200-1400 (depending on my burn for the day) and burning an additional 600 through exercise. I eat mostly fruits and veggies, protein, and occasionally eat whatever I want but only eat small portions of it so I stick with my calorie count.
I am so impatient and I know it is unreasonable, but I haven't seen results yet, and it is frustrating! I can't wait to weigh myself at the one month mark!

Any advice is welcomed!
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