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I think perhaps Mern thinks she is posting but she's not lol...

Thanks for the reinforcement Donna. It's easier than it appears. I am learning how good abstinence works for me....I don't feel the least bit deprived. Now if I had one, there would be a different story. But I can see this bowl of chocolates on a regular basis and I know better than to have one.

I think it's sugar abstinence (no sugary foods not no carbs) that is working for me. It took a while. I started that around Mid-December.

I just wanted to say about the protein, I have no guidelines that I am following but my protein is way below what others are following/reporting. I had this big discussion about this with my son who does bodybuilding and is always researching this. The only way he can keep his protein high enough is with protein powder. However I like the suggestion about having high protein snacks. I just don't think I can eat any more chicken lol. Anyway that's a work in progress.

Still working on the water.

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