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[QUOTE=cjohnson728;95699]April, glad you got your burn on. Use the handicapped stalls if you have to; not as low to sink down .
And they have handles to help me back up!!

Originally Posted by canary52 View Post
April, great job!!! Careful with that shoulder, mama!!!
The shoulders are good, it's the thighs that are a-burnin'!

[QUOTE=01gt4.6;95690]So does that mean you'll be fighting the others for the king cake?
Ummmm, yeah, sure!

Originally Posted by 01gt4.6 View Post
Update from Tori, and I quote...
"Bubba please tell the gang that I'm okay. Right now I'm in the corner of the room, in the fetal position, rocking back and forth. My hair is a matted mess. I look like the chick from The Ring. Within my claws, in am clutching a piece of king cake. Anytime someone gets near me, I let out a nasty growl. I'll be back, once I finish this piece."

No, actually what she said was "Do a quick update for me. I can't get wifi to work here, and coverage has been spotty. Tell everyone I'm doing good this week. Will try to update tonight. "

I like my version better though.
I like your version better too!! That's some funny stuff!

Lunch out with my hubby today. We'll just say chinese buffets are not within the realm of a diet plan. I doubt I will eat dinner tonight though and I did only have two plates and really tried to pick veggies from the pepper steak and chicken brocolli. And hey...corn nuggets are still a veggie right? LOL

Oh well....I still plan to get my burn on again tonight and we'll see what happens.
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