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Originally Posted by 01gt4.6 View Post
You gonna meet up with lil ole me?

The chips... kinda a hint of vinegar, dill with a little spics. Sounds nasty but they are good! They are also kettle chips so the are crunchy. Y'all yanks don't know nuttin' about kettle chips. j/k
You will be the first one I call when we make our have proven your travel guide skills .

Hmm, I love kettle chips. I work them into my macros occasionally; the ones I eat are cooked in safflower oil so I get some healthy fats in there too (dammit, I can rationalize anything). But I'm under the "no trigger foods" goal this week, and sometimes they are, sometimes they aren't, so none for me right now.

But we Yankees (and Utz) do a mean crab chip!

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