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Originally Posted by Jezzie8 View Post
Hello, I'm new again to FD, so thought I'd try a discussion board to find some positive feedback and encouragement. I tried this a yr ago and quit. I'm basically the same weight, 206.6 today!! Ideally I'd like to be 155 but that seems unrealistic. I'm 56 yrs old, have a desk job, high stress, no significant other to encourage or exercise with. Recently have shoulder problem, had a cortisone injection so nursing that back to health. I am an emotional eater - if lonely or down and also boredom is dangerous LOL On the other hand, I have low energy and tend to feel like "why bother, nobody really cares"?? I know I need to snap out of it and dig deep!! I'm hoping I find someone to communicate with a couple times a week To all those out there struggling, you're not alone, let's try to stay on track & positive with each others help
I understand completely. I don't "work outside the home", and what little housework I do is all of the excercise I get. I'm a good 60 pounds overweight (more, if I consider what I used to weigh back in the good old days before 3 children). I just discovered FitDay while searching for something totally unrelated on Google. I am SO excited about it - the logs are fun, the reports are great, and they count housework as calorie burning - fantastic! I'm sure at some point the fun may wear off, but that may not happen very soon because I have OCD. It's driving me to log my food and dishwashing as soon as I complete it. Then I sit in front of the screen wondering what else I can do on the site. (So I looked at the forums.) In other words, I don't have a life. Would be great to have a partner . . .
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