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Default Thyroid Problems

So, about two weeks ago I found out something was wrong with my thyroid. Nothing major at first, because I barely even noticed my symptoms. Now, though, I'm working on going through all the testing, and waiting to hear the results to know where to go best. I'm a little spooked about the way everything is going, and cancer is extremely prevalent in my family. I always considered myself a healthy, and fit person. My weight was healthy, I've achieved goals I've set, but now I feel like that's all gone to hell. I try to make sure I don't psych myself out, but now I can barely work out anymore, I get way too tired too quickly, if I don't accidentally just sleep all day anyway. I get winded fast, and barely have any appetite. But here's the fun part. Despite all that, my weight will not stay down. I've been on a steady incline, and it's wrecking me. Two summers ago I worked so hard to lose about 20 pounds, and I've been lucky to maintain that with little effort. Now, though, I am so crushed because I feel like I can't control this.
There's another girl at my school with thyroid issues; she's on medication but she put herself through these crazy diets all the time. I told myself before she may have been masking anorexia, but now I'm not so sure. If I can eat so little and still have my weight shoot up like that, what am I supposed to do to stay where I am. Like I said, it's become so hard to try and work out the way I used to, or do anything for that matter. My hair is falling out, and I'm either too hot or freezing all the time. I need help, advice, support, and prayers. I know that yes, I am working with my doctor, and yes, eventually things will be better, but as of right now I'm struggling.
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