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Exclamation ADVICE NEEDED! Do you think this is a good weight-gain plan?

Hey friends,

Just joined this forum since it seems like everyone knows what they're talking about. I'm 19, 5'7'', weight around 35-40 kgs, and waist is 28! As you can see, very skinny. I had this problem all my life, but I want to change that.

Well, I'm thinking of following the meal plan below...

6 loafs of white bread with butter (120 kcal)
1 boiled egg (50 kcal appx)
Rice 4 times a day (500 kcal appx)
Meat every other day, beef or chicken (300 kcal appx, so 150 kcal per day)
2 bananas (100 kcal appx)
Chocolate-nut biscuits (100 kcal appx)
Cashews and almonds (100 kcal appx)
Noodles (200 kcal appx)
Baked chips (200 kcal appx)
2 potatoes (100 kcal appx)

I'll try to eat the above things daily, eating after every 2 - 2.5 hours, and drink around 4 - 5 liters of water. I may also have some vegetables and other things. Targeting 2000 + kcal per day.

Do you think this will make me gain weight? If yes, how long will it take?
Also, is 2000 kcal low, should I raise the limit? Any other advice?

(I plan to do push-ups for now every other day (since I've heard doing it everyday may cause over-training), but not hit the gym for now)


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