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Originally Posted by cjohnson728 View Post
Mike, nice shootin' .
Thanks. I was hoping to do better, I guess we are all our own worst critic. I've read online, even from LEO that it takes a while to get accurate because the trigger pull is soooo long. It makes for a great safety feature but I'll have to drop more brass to get a tighter grouping. As difficult as it is to find ammo these days, I may have to go easy on it for a while. I've spent a few early mornings waiting in line with a bunch of other people (looked like Black Friday) just to hope to get a box of ammo when the store opens. I can't even find what I need online, but I placed another order with hopes of them getting it in soon.

On a good note, the shooting range I went to today is where I go on the 6th for my CWP. I asked him how many we have to shoot on the target to qualify. He said you shoot 50 rounds and I think it was 32 or 36 have to hit within the #7 area. I'm already well within that range. I hope by then to be able to put all 50 within the #9 area.
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