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Exclamation Custom Food Suggestion - Organization

First time poster here at the FitDay forums and I have a suggestion that could make navigating your own custom foods quicker and easier.

First, I am a big advocate of the IIFYM, as long as I am reaching my macro goals for the day. I also, for the most part, only like using my custom foods to count calories. This is mainly because I know exactly how accurate that calorie count is for the food and it just leaves me in a better state of mind knowing I am probably fairly close to the caloric reading.

Anyways, my list of custom foods seems to be continuing to grow and it can be a little annoying scrolling through multiple pages to find a certain food. I was thinking an option to put your custom foods into certain categories, like; carbs, fats, proteins, or dairies, grains, meats, etc. would make using your custom foods a lot quicker and easier.

Let me know what you think.

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